Pole overturning machine
This machine is designed to reduce time and work for adjustment and level poles. By connecting to robot, the seams of flange could be welded automatically.
How to work:
- The operator shall read the operation manual before start this machine.
- Trial work the machine, be familiar with all controls, confirm every part work normally, done preparation before start working. - the working schedule is programmed into PLC.
- Load the pole on the machine, level the pole body by motorized elevator, adjust the center line by the lead screw wheel, clamp by the gas cylinder. For second same size, no adjustment need be done.
- Robot arm comes to weld two seams on flange. signal sent out to machine after welding done.
- Machine receive the signal, rotate the pole 180deg. signal sent out to robot. - Robot comes to weld the rest two seams on flange. signal sent out to the machine.
- Machine rotate back to 0 deg. worker release the gas cylinder to unload the pole.
- Load second pole and clamp by the gas cylinder, start over.
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