About Welding Positioners

The Welding Positioner has an importation position in welding industry. It is used for change the workpiece position so the welder can do welding easliy and conveniately. Below is the type of the positioners.

1. L positioner

L positioner is normally a 3-axis positioner, with movements of table rotation, table tilting, and table elevation. Usally the elevation is motorized, but sometime  hydraulic system is adopted for heavy duty model.

2. Head Tail Positioner

It usually has two types, the Head & tail with connection and the head & tail without connection. Light duty model is mostly used for robot welding. Heavy duty model is mostly used for shipbuilding, crane industry.

3. Bench type positioner

It's a most normal & common model in three types. It has the little model as 100kg and until the very heavy duty 30Ton capacity. How to select a proper model for your workpiece, pls consult us for professional advice.

  • Bench Positioner
  • Light Head Tail
  • Heavy Head Tail
  • Elevation Positioner
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